In 2006, Howard Leonhardt started Kindheart Lionheart Media & Publishing Company as a book club for inspirational books, movies and music as an outlet to share these works that touched his heart.   Their first internal project was the creation and development of the book, screenplay, movie and online TV series Dolphin Smiles:  The Legend of Kindheart Lionheart – a spiritual lessons tale about about a dolphin that remembers his previous life as a human and attempts to re-unite with his still living human wife.

In 2010 Kindheart Lionheart Media & Publishing signed aboard Ana Free as their first promoted inspirational artist from Portugal that went on to achieve more than 35 million views on YouTube.  Soon-there-after they added a link to the Young Turks NEWS program that has achieved on their own over 1 billion YouTube Views.

In late 2011 the team launched Radio Veronica USA and Radio Santa Monica USA the first two online mobile app radio stations set up to allow listeners to pledge $10 towards owning a portion of the publishing rights of songs with one tap of the surface of their phone.

In 2012, Kindheart Lionheart Media Company partnered with Clifford Cohen to create and develop the TV series Crowdfund: The American Dream which in partnership with Go Go Luckey Productions was sold to NBC to be aired on CNBC.  The Lions Den was also developed to crowd startups as well via an online only show.  The team also launched The Kindheart Lionheart Radio Show which features interviews with people harnessing compassion and courage to do remarkable things for social good.  In 2014 this show is being re-formatted into a YouTube show on our network.

In 2013 Kindheart Lionheart produced its first inspirational short film MELODY about a person that receives the love of music via a heart transplant and the atonement of her boyfriend that caused the car accident that provided the donor heart.   Our film made it to the final 64 of the 168 Faith Based Film Contest for $1 million prize.

In 2014 we are preparing to launch California Love our first original sit com loosely modeled after the movie Love Actually and the old early 1970’s TV show Love American Style.  Each episode will include three 6 minute segments about the original spark of love.

What began as friends sharing inspirational works with a vision quickly grew to several projects, partnership studios, contract film crews, producers, writers, actors, editing suites and crowdfunding campaigns for shows, films and music all with the goal of gaining millions of subscribers and billions of views for inspirational works.


Have your own idea for your own show?  

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2.  Get a minimum of 1500 subscribers and then apply to be on our network by writing directly a letter explaining why you think you should be on our Kindheart Lionheart TV INSPIRATIONAL WORKS TV Network  to the Founder and Executive Chairman, Howard Leonhardt at and Programming Manager Sofia Yepes at  Include a link to your YouTube channel and highlight to us which program represents your best work to date.

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